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Well, I tried province life for two long years. Province life means no stable internet connection and real life got busier than ever which forced me to shut down But now I'm back and I'm trying to revive Arashi Lyrics. I've already bought hosting and domain name, but this time it will be .net because .com is already taken by someone but no Arashi lyrics.

Well, I have a favor to ask to whom it may concern and want to help me share Arashi's loveliness. My life is still busy so for sure I can't immediately grab the Kanji lyrics and Romanize it and translate it to English specially those new songs. So, I need help. Contributors are very much welcome and needed. I will give proper credit to those who would share the Kanji and their Romanized and English translated lyrics. I look forward to meet dedicated Arashi fans. And I hope to give Arashi Lyrics a long long life and spread the Arashi love.

For those who are willing to help me, just PM me.

The Event on the 23rd of August 2010

I was watching the hostage crisis that happened yesterday, August 23, 2010 with my husband. For us who are just watching the crisis it was already horrifying, so I was thinking about the condition of the hostages, who are innocently detained by someone who were ready to kill and be killed.

The Victims
To see the beauty of our country, to relax, to have fun, to bond with friends and families, that’s why they went here in the Philippines. Not to be terrorized nor be killed. I always believed that foreign tourists should be treated as VIPs for they are the ones who strengthen and make our economy alive.  Maybe they not just tourists, maybe they are also future investors in our country which would give employment to us Filipinos.

The Suspect
I have no idea what kind of person or police Former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza is. He may be as good as his father claimed when he was interviewed by a local reporter. His father even boasts the achievements his son received during his service to the Philippine National Police. But despite those awards he was kicked out of the service because he was accused by extortion using drug charges. This perhaps triggered the angst inside him and made him go berserk.
Maybe Mendoza is a good police, son, father and brother to his family and friends, but I didn’t see how good he was when he ruthlessly captured and killed those innocent Chinese tourists.

The Police
No, I don’t blame the PNP this time. They did what they were supposed to do, even the detainment of Former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza’s brother, SPO4 Gregorio Mendoza. When I was watching him on the television, sitting there on middle of the road, hugging the attention of the media, I sensed that he was not really helping the police to make his brother surrender but his doing his own standoff. He has his own sentiments and somehow he was afraid with his own kind.
When the police started to seized the bus, I felt sorry for them. You can see that they lack training and equipment. They are SWAT! and SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, but I didn’t see anything special on their movements and tools. They used a hammer to break the windshield, door and windows of the bus… but why hammer? Don’t they have “power punches”, a tool specially designed to break vehicle’s windows? Every time Mendoza fired at them, the police looked confuse on what do to next and took moments to regain composure.
As an employee, I find it hard to work without the proper office supplies and training about my work, and the worst thing is you got blamed when something went wrong, like you couldn’t pass a report because you don’t have a printer or you don’t know what to do because you were not told what to do. We seriously need to improve the training and fitness of our policemen and give them enough tools so that they can their job more accurately.

The Media
Without the media, I wouldn’t know what was happening yesterday at the Quirino Grand Stand. They took a big role in every scenario happening around us. But honestly, they sometimes piss me off. They don’t know their boundaries. They are like flies that gathered when they smell defecate.
If it’s true that Mendoza was aggravated because he saw his brother was arrested by the police on the television inside the bus then I blamed the media for broadcasting the scene, they should have known the disaster it will cause. If they used their common sense, they should not telecast something that would endanger the life of the hostages.   

The Mob
When something as danger as hostage crisis is happening, people usually go as far as they could to give way to the authority and for their own safety. But not the Filipino, we love action and drama, especially if it’s happening in real life. I don’t understand why Filipino’s curiosity is so high, as if they are going to die if they don’t see the incident with their own eyes.
The moment the police gave a sign that the bus where the hostage taking took place is already cleared, the mob and the media swam like a piranha aiming for a bite of some meat.
I also don’t like it when a reporter is reporting about some depressing news with a background of a mob smiling and doing poses and waving.

To the future Mendozas
“Even if you destroyed this world, the world you wish for won’t come.”
That’s a quotation I heard in a television show before. I truly believe that if you want changes, you don’t have to ruin the current system, for that system is working fine for others.
All creatures can feel depression, loneliness, degradation, injustice and grievance. Maybe not the same level but we all feel that.
I already felt the feeling that I wanted to destroy someone due to hatred. I imagined of torturing them, making them pay. I visualized in my mind that they were so sorry for the wrong doings they did to me. I just imagine those things because I know that I could never and I would never do that in real life, because it’s clear to me that it won’t do me any good. You will never get everything you want, no matter what you do. That’s the reality of life.
You can never convince people how good and innocent you are by hurting them.

I don’t know how to express my deepest sympathy to the victims and to the world. As a Filipino I feel ashamed of what is happening in our country. I don’t know why Filipinos do this kind of cruelty to those who are weak and innocent. I don’t know what happened to our morals. We claimed to be hospitable & happy people. But why many of our fellow countrymen turn into some deadly beast. This event just proved the idea that was in my head a long time ago: Filipino lacks discipline.

How can I be proud to be a Filipino? Are we really worth dying for?

Ma. Victoria H. Silva-Manuel
A very sorry Filipino


Arashi stormed CDJapan

When I got a notification of a new album release of Arashi from CDJapan last Friday morning (Philippine time), I immediately click the link to pre-order a copy. But I was pissed when I couldn’t get into the site. I kept on getting an error page. I was trying to open the site for fifteen minutes but I still didn’t have any luck. So, I did some research and found out that I’m not the only one who was experiencing the same thing… there was a stampede of Arashi fans trying to pre-order their own copies of the new album.


After thirty minutes of refreshing the site, I finally got in!

I instantly clicked the “Pre-order” button… my mistake was I browsed again for other Arashi stuff, when I was satisfied with my order, I then clicked “Proceed to check-out” and then I got the message that Arashi’s new album entitled “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” is SOLD OUT!! I almost punched my laptop screen. I didn’t waste any time and immediately proceed to YesAsia hoping they already have the album. But they still didn’t have it! (YesAsia tends to delay). I waited for about an hour or two and I was sooooo happy when I finally saw that it was already available in YesAsia. This time, I didn’t wander around anymore, as soon as I placed the order I proceed to check-out.


And I got the “First Press Edition!!


I was shocked and kind of happy to know and experience the influence of Arashi to their fans.

I don’t know about you but I’m really proud to be 嵐の大ファン.


What happened to!

trying to access but you can't? Well, I also can't open it and I'm the site funder/owner!
i have received mails asking what happened to, and here's my answer:
the site is currently not available because the server of my hosting provider is down. i'm so disappointed on this since this month is the site's 1st year anniversary.
i keep on sending my hosting provider tickets about this but they keep on telling me to wait.
don't worry, i'm not planning to abandon the site.
thank you for all your concerns.

PIKA☆NCHI roll again!

I found something that really suprised me...

I was checking the Oricon single ranking, I saw that Masafumi's Sen no kaze ni natte is still no. 3 on the chart. well, it doesn't really surprised me because that song is really a big hit and it clings to the chart since its debut.

What shocked me was the no. 5 entry... it was PIKA☆NCHI!!!
I'm not expecting any Arashi song because their new single is not released yet and "Happiness" is out of the chart already.

Check it out : Oricon Weekly Single Ranking 11 January 2008

Btw, Pikanchi was released on 17 October 2002

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